If the fawn you have found is uninjured, please read the following information carefully before intervening:

Mother deer (does) spend much of the daytime away from their young.  They return every 3-4 hours to feed and clean their infants before leaving once again.  Young fawns have little scent and spend most of the first two weeks of their life inactive-except while nursing.  By one month of age, most fawns begin to venture out to browse with their mothers.

If you have found a fawn that appears to be abandoned:

Keep dogs and people away.

Allow the fawn to remain, undisturbed, for at least 12 hours before intervening, unless it is crying or trying to follow you.  Fawns will generally wait quietly for their mothers to return, so a fawn that is vocal is generally in need of help.

If you have already moved the fawn, return it to the exact spot where you found it. The doe will not abandon the baby because you have touched it

If the fawn is injured or you know the mother to be dead, human intervention will be needed.

  • Place old towels or rags in a cardboard box or dog crate and put the fawn inside.
  • Move it to a warm, quiet, dark place to reduce its stress. Keep it away from people and pets.
  • Do not give the fawn milk or any type of formula mixture. This can cause fatal diarrhea.
  • Do not attempt to give the fawn any food or water until you have talked to a rehabilitator