Young opossums sometimes become separated from their mothers. If its body is more than 8 inches long, not including the tail, it is old enough to be on its own. If it is smaller than this it will need assistance.

If you have found a baby opossum or young opossums with no mother or if you know the mother to be dead, do the following:

  •  It is critical that the young opossums be kept warm. If you have a heating pad, turn it on the LOW setting and place half of the box on top of the pad.
  • Place the opossums in a box lined with soft rags and close the lid. They are very good climbers.  Make certain that the lid is secure.
  • Even small opossums can bite and have many sharp teeth. Use care when handling.
  • Do not attempt to give any food or water.
  • Place the box in a warm, dark quiet area away from people and pets.